Friday, 22 November 2013

YouTube videos and virtual files - your options!

You Tube - what a great resource... but really not a suitable website to visit in the classroom. You Tube may even be blocked for teachers in your school. My Learning provides a couple of ways to go on using great You Tube videos in your classroom...

You can download You Tube videos to your classes and learning spaces or simply create virtual links that look like the real thing.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Your My Learning Dashboard - Just The Way You Like It!

With My Learning’s latest release, you now have more control than ever over what appears on your My Learning Dashboard.

Your dashboard ‘panels’ can be moved around. You can change the look to make individual panels STAND OUT or sit quietly. You can remove panels you don’t use or add new ones that you need, perhaps to give you quick access to the grading centre or video approvals list. The 'Quick Links' panel takes you straight to the most important places. There is also a new primary dashboard, a dashboard alternative to the button theme but with the same friendly menus.

In short, your very own personalised Dashboard workspace.