Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New School Year - New Data!

My Learning has made it even easier to update your classes for this school year.

Manual User update
Spreadsheet update
For those who prefer to add their users and classes manually we have a great new tool to make the job quicker and easier. 'Export for Re-import'

  1. Log in as Administrator
  2. Click “Manage”
  3. In the “Reports” section, click “Data reports”
  4. Simply click  “Export for re-import” to create a spreadsheet with all of the existing users and classes already listed in the correct format. You can then edit the classes and add any new users
  5. Upload  the spreadsheet to My Learning by going to http://myvle.co.uk/upload

 View the video to see how easy it is.

Automatic user update
We offer an  automatic data update service “My Learning Connect”
This software tool is installed by our team on your MIS system.
It transmits daily data to our secure servers which is then processed into My Learning.