Thursday, 29 June 2017

New release - Fusion V2 - Overview

My Learning's Fusion Platform
V 2.0 'Whirlpool'


The latest release for My Learning's Fusion platform includes a fantastic, parent communication Centre, providing push notifications to parents at no additional cost.

We are also delighted to announce the new Markbook.

The MarkBook 

For some time, ML Fusion have been working on a central statistics engine which can gather and report all learning and assessment results within the product. Indeed, this is a key aspect of the reason that My Learning has created the “Fusion” product. The new Markbook will allow ALL student’s grading results gathered from Forms, Homework, Tasks and Quizzes to be reported upon centrally within the Markbook. Even more importantly, this new feature also allows teachers to enter manual marks for any type of work or assessment, much like traditional markbooks. 

Parent Communications Centre 

We’ve added a single point of entry to manage all notifications to parents. Here you can send one-off ‘Push Notifications’ to all parents or to the parents of a group. You can also send push notifications to ‘Feeds’ that parents can use to follow a topic of interest such as the school football team.