Tuesday, 21 August 2018

What nobody told you about task lists

Task lists are changing... and here's how easily you can transform what you do; save time, add focus to student learning and a whole lot more...!


Planned lessons that you can track in real time.
It is now so simple to add all the elements of a lesson in just a couple of clicks.


Upload or fetch directly from Fusion

Web link

Take your students to anywhere on the web... created there and then

New for 2018 - Pick activities from within Fusion:

  • Homework
  • Blogs or Forums for discussion
  • Another task list!


In a couple of minutes you can create a complete learning experience that can be used again and again.


Create a comprehensive revision route for your learners.


Use the power of task lists to create a complete course.

New for 2018 - Control progression (see how-to video)

Hide the remainder of the task list until a score has been achieved in a quiz (form) included in your task list.


Plan to be away from your class? Create a task list for the lesson and assign to the whole class, or to the teacher covering the lesson.

Got a new group member? 

No problem. Click the pencil to edit the people assigned to the task list. Just tick the new member of the group and save.

Got a great task list? Want to use it again? 

Simply clone and assign to a new group.

If you haven't tried task lists, give them a go. So easy to make, and to track the progress of all your learners.